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Nepal – Birthplace of Buddha and Home of the imposing Mount Everest
Ever thinking about taking an exotic break away from the noisy cities and the popular cliché destinations? We recommend you one of the most spiritual countries in the world, a country of love and peace, despite years of rulers and wars, Nepal.

Located in South Asia, this country where Buddha was born, will offer you those grand experiences that you will love and remember until the last day of your life. Delimited by the lofty Himalayas, wooded forests, unspoiled natural backdrop, cool and charming ambiance, alpine villages, swift flowing rivers and the tempting sightseeing spots, Nepal has an awesome range of interesting tourist sites.

Interesting Facts of Nepal

Region: South East Asia
Capital: Kathmandu
Currency: Nepalese rupee
National anthem: Thunga Phool Ka
Population: 30,485,798 (2011) World Bank
Official language: Nepali Language

Did you know? The Nepali flag is the only nation with non-quadrilateral flag.The two triangles symbolize the Himalaya Mountains and represent the two major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism