Concierge App

for the tourist industry

Imagine you could be able to accompany and guide your guests where ever they go, without leaving your desk. The Mobile Concierge App introduced by Yabbedoo, marketing and information platform in the travel/hospitality industry, keeps you connected with your guests by offering high class services any place, at any time.

The new exciting application allows the B2B partners to differentiate their services by offering their guests and users advice on local entertainment, useful information on regional particularities, tourist attractions, restaurants and Top things to do, in other words, a city guide tailored to their image. It is the latest tourism platform which builds bridges between companies’ Marketing efficiency and Internet performance.

No Roaming

The end-clients can use the application without having an internet connection on their smartphones. The Concierge App makes possible for the users to have the venues and local information on their mobile phone even in an off-line mode in order to eliminate pricey data roaming costs.

Multi Platform

Yabbedoo adapts the Concierge App to all needs and platforms, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7, therefore the clients do not have to worry about technical complications. The companies have 100 per cent control of the application, their concierge or marketing department being able to adapt and control all information shown in the app.

Your Branding

Travel companies can take advantage of the great services implemented by Yabbedoo by branding the Concierge App according to their needs. The app can be completely personalised with the companies' logo, colours and information, while the list of places can be customized without any web programming skills.

The companies can benefit from all the ground breaking features of the App which offers them the possibility to see when and by whom their application is used, exposing the data in efficient reports for the business. Additionally, the services are able to integrate promotions and commercial proposals associated with the venues.


A Business can subscribe to Yabbedoo’s Mobile Concierge services for 150 € per annum, and will be able to update their corporate information on one platform which will automatically update the information on all other platforms. This will significantly reduce the time & budget spent for your company.