A Great Way
to Assist
your Guests

without leaving your desk

Imagine you could be able to accompany and guide your guests where ever they go, without leaving your desk. The Mobile Concierge App introduced by Yabbedoo, marketing and information platform in the travel/hospitality industry, keeps you connected with your guests by offering high class services any place, at any time.


Your Business

  • Completely branded with your image, as a new digital service
  • You can customize the list of places, with no web programming skills
  • Promotions and commercial proposals can be included

Your Guests

  • A list of places and things to do during the day and night
  • Roaming Free: once the app is downloaded, content can be accessed without a wireless connection.

This service includes:

  • Branded for you Your Branding

    Your logo and colours, your atmosphere (100% customizable).

  • Roaming Costs Roaming Costs

    The APP takes care of the high roaming cots for your guests, meaning the info is available even without internet connection.

  • Offer things to do Offer things to do

    “Top things to do during the day” and “Top things to do during the night” - you can decide if you want Yabbedoo to create these lists for you or compose them yourself.

  • Promotions & News Promotions & News

    Enter your promotions and News easily. Even daily updates are allowed.

  • Your Info Your Info

    Your main contact details on the front page. Guiding a taxi driver and/ or find your venue with the included map.

  • your social media profiles Your social media profiles

    Direct links to your social media profiles (Foursquare, Facebook , twitter, ...).